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Every welding task is as unique as the welder carrying it out. To provide the right technology for every need, we’ve not only developed a MIG/MAG multi-process welding machine, but an entire family of machines. Whether it’s the Titan XQ puls, Phoenix XQ puls, Taurus XQ Synergic or the Taurus XQ Basic, demodular or modular – all of our machines guarantee comfortable and cost-efficient welding to ensure you get the best results.

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Whenever metal is inseparably bonded anywhere in the world, the probability that we’re involved is rather high. Get a first-hand look at what innovative welding technology can do. The latest welding machines and welding torches, digitalisation in welding technology and innovative automation solutions – at personal appointments at our facilities or on-site at your location, we’ll bring fascinating technology to life and develop the best custom solution for you.

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