MIG/MAG XQ demodular & modular

Compact or decompact:
You decide

Every welding task is different – and so is every welder. That’s why we don’t just offer one MIG/MAG multi-process welding machine, we offer a whole family! And one thing is consistent throughout the family: Whether it’s the Titan XQ puls, Phoenix XQ puls, Taurus XQ Synergic or the Taurus XQ Basic, demodular or modular – all of our machines guarantee comfortable and efficient welding to ensure you get the best results!

Individually configurable comprehensive range of accessories long duty cycle

TIG XQ series

TIG XQ demodular & modular

True powerhouses

Whether DC or AC/DC, gas or water-cooled – the Tetrix XQ series has an individual solution for every need. The machines boast an above-average duty cycle to make your work more effective and, thanks to the wide range of accessories, there’s always a machine to meet any special, unusual requirements.

Smart networking sophisticated casing and rugged in use

ewm Xnet

ewm Xnet

Digitisation in practice – from office to welding site

Welding 4.0 can be summarised in terms of Industry 4.0 as the digital networking and visualisation of the value-added process of a welding company. The aim is to maximise efficiency and quality in planning, production, quality management, welding coordination personnel and management. To do this, ewm Xnet networks as many of the company’s MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines as desired and allows them to communicate in real time with the planning, management and welding coordination offices via LAN/WLAN or USB flash drive.

EWM welding fume extraction torches

Welding fume extraction torches

Protect your health

Reduce harmful emissions where they arise – right at the arc – without affecting shielding gas coverage. During development, we put our focus precisely on welding torch handling, because that’s the most important thing to the welder. Perfectly balanced weight, flexibility and ergonomics. With welding fume extraction torches from EWM, you hold the biggest advantage in the palm of your hand.

Perfect weld seam quality a high level of work safety and DIN EN ISO 21904 compliance

Automation & robotics

Automation & robotics

Custom solutions for every need

We’re developing the future of welding now so you can comfortably think about tomorrow. Be it for one-offs or large batches, trade or industry, SMEs or corporations. Cobots, turn-key welding robot cells or modular complete systems with robots – we develop the right automation solutions for your company. At EWM, you get today what you need tomorrow.

Holistic system solutions reproducible quality and offline programming

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